Dec 6th

Choosing songs for my upcoming EP, "In Time."

Drop your info in the box below and you'll be able to access the songs being considered for the "IN TIME" EP as well as download audio of the songs as they are being written as well as my favourite early, never to be released versions of them.
May 3rd:

Hi everyone,
Here's what's going on: There are new tunes, new mixes happening right now.

Someone asked me what a couple of my favourites are so far and I answered "Before You Go" and 'Where Now And The Collide." So, check them out and see if 
they press any buttons for you.

And here's something else going on...

I got a puppy. Bela. Love at first sight. I traveled to New Brunswick, Canada to get her.

 Here she is: (She's beautiful, right? She's definitely gonna keep me fit - she's got me running whether I want to or not. :)