From the recording Owen Critchley

Version performed and produced by Owen Critchley

Songwriters: Albert Hammond & Mike Hazlewood
EMI Music

Note from Owen:
"I actually recorded the music tracks for this on my iPhone when I was stuck somewhere waiting for a few hours.

I got the idea to do a version of part of the song, "The Air That I Breathe" as my way of countering some of the nastiness people are hurling at each other out there.

Rather than fight certain people's poison words with more poison, this is my way, with music and images, of at least giving them a view of a different future than the one them seem to be building right now.

I'd like you to have this one free so you know I'm thinking about you and your good heart.

And... any time the trolls try to drag you down and try to make you drink their poison just send them here :

You never know, some of them might grow their missing hearts back."