Canada, I'm so glad to see you... you have no idea”


owen critchley songwriting in canadaCanada has haunted me. There's no other way I can describe it.

The thing is, I was actually born in Canada - but I only stayed for a short time. How can someone miss a place they didn't really know? But I did miss it. My whole life I've missed it.

I don't know if it's past-life stuff, genetic memory or what it is - but all I know is that I was never really going to be myself until I was able to find a way to get back to Canada. To stay this time.

Time. That's the thing. Being in your right place at the right time. But how do you get there? You push. I pushed. 

And now, I am back.

I'm looking out at beautiful, moody Nova Scotia right now, and just as I had imagined, new words, new melodies, were here waiting for me. And they are leading me straight to a new EP that will be - and always was called, "IN TIME"

I want part of you in every line I write.
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