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A Brief History: Owen Critchley has written songs for Warner as well as A&M and Hi Bias, and has worked with producers Brian "Big Bass" Gardner (No Doubt, Blink 182, Beck,) Mike Jones (Glass Tiger, Brian Adams)

Owen has penned songs for two U.S. network series, major label recording artists, Midfinger Records (Europe), Monstervox, Video games and compilations.

His song, "Come To London" was featured at MIDEM in Cannes, France and subsequently released across Europe.

Owen Critchley was born in Canada but was raised in Bermuda.

"I loved a lot of the role Bermuda had in influencing who I am, but I must say, I always had an inner call to find my way back to Canada. To the country I was born. Looking back at it now, I can see that almost all my major decisions seemed designed to bend my path and my fate back to Canada. Even when I was a kid in Bermuda, I used to fall asleep with a radio under my pillow picking up static, hockey, news and music from Canada.

The pull that east coast Canada exerted was at a gut level - there's not really any other way to describe it." I finally made it back to Canada recently, which really has been my dream, but I did get most of my music training and influence in Bermuda.

The airwaves and music scene in Bermuda is heavy with soul, reggae, and R&B - and for that I'm thankful. Combined with the Canadian and American rock I was hearing as a kid on my little secret radio at night, I think I'm a musician, songwriter and now producer who speaks the language of both the power chord and the bubbling rhythm and emotion of reggae and soul. Another influence was my time in the Yehudi Menuhin classical philharmonic youth orchestra as a cellist. (*Whole other story)

Sometimes life provides one with a crooked path, but it's a crooked road that makes you who who are and leads to where you're supposed to be." .

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- MidFinger Records to release 20,000 copies of "Taste An Escape" in Europe

- Billboard Award for "Before the Waves Come"

- "Taste An Escape" to be used in U.S. network tv series.

- MONSTER VOX  includes "Taste An Escape" for their U.S. college radio compilation. This cd will be played on 500 college radio stations across the U.S.

- Owen a featured artist for April (5,000 downloads of "Give Me")

More News: - Legendary mastering  artist,  Brian BIG BASS Gardner (No Doubt, Blink 182, Beck, Black Eyed Peas etc) has mastered 3 of Owen's current songs recorded entirely using his Home Recording Blueprint method

- “Come to London” selected for MIDEM conference compilation in Cannes, France. - Owen's tracks to be playlisted on MISC RADIO PLUS - Owen featured at Last FM radio

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