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Atlantis Rocks - "...Why is this story not in every newsfeed? Owen Critchley's recent collaboration with home recording artists around the world, is both unique and life affirming."


Owen CritchleyToday's top comments:
BRING THE SUGAR DOWN by Owen Critchley
"WOW. Fantastic. Toe-tapping, sexy, delicious blues. Feels like a
forgotten Clapton track from 1967." - Kelly

"Bro. This is sick!" - jshannon

"thoroughly enjoyed this raunchy rockin blues ride from start to finish,
definitely a winner in our book." - kitchenparty

"This is crazy-good. Mmhm. *stands and claps* " - KA

How in the Hell, did I 'miss' this one?
What an incredibly hooky, addictive tune! Big Fav here. - HR

"OMG. Why do I not follow you? *fixed* " - jules8564

" Hey everyone,

I'd like to wish all of you a happy holiday and the 2015 you're hoping for.

It's been a busy few months here recording and I'll be glad to stop moving for a few days - but I'll be starting back up in the new year. That's cool. I'll be psyched to go again by then.

Although there is one change I'll be making this time around...

I'd like to have you around in the studio with me.

Sign up below join me for some virtual tours of my sessions and whatever's - and whoever's - going on.

If you're here because you're interested in learning how to record, come see me here:
Easy Home Recording Blueprint


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